Keynote Speech

"The Challenges in Social Media Analytics"

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Prof Tat-Seng Chua
National University of Singapore, Singapore


With the popularity and wide acceptance of social networks, users are now sharing information on multiple aspects of their life and on a wide range of social networks. In the meantime, there is a huge amount of situational information generated by sensor devices, often as part of human activities. Thus for any given entity, we can now find a wide variety of social, device and structured information from multiple sources. The generation of reliable social media analytics with respect to any entity is hence a highly challenging task. The key challenges include the ability to: (a) gather “representative” data about an entity from multiple sources; (b) handle the increasing amount of non-textual media content; (c) detect and track sub-topics around the target entity, along with deep analysis tools such as named-entity extraction, visual concept detection and sentiment analysis; and (d) generate predictive and prescriptive analytics. This talk describes a live social observatory system that we have developed and our research efforts to tackle the above challenges. In particular, we outline our research to transform unstructured live social media streams into descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Biographical Sketch

Dr Chua is the KITHCT Chair Professor at the School of Computing, National University of Singapore. He was the Acting and Founding Dean of the School during 1998-2000. Dr Chua's main research interest is in multimedia information retrieval and social media analysis. In particular, his research focuses on the extraction, retrieval and question-answering (QA) of text, video and live media arising from the Web and social networks. He is the Director of a multi-million-dollar joint Center between NUS and Tsinghua University in China to develop technologies for live media search. The project will gather, mine, search and organize user-generated contents within the cities of Beijing and Singapore. His group participated regularly in TREC-QA and TRECVID evaluations in early 2000.

Dr Chua is active in the international research community. He has organized and served as program committee member of numerous international conferences in the areas of computer graphics, multimedia and text processing. He is the conference co-chair of ACM Multimedia 2005, ACM CIVR (now ACM ICMR) 2005, ACM SIGIR 2008, and ACM Web Science 2015. He serves in the editorial board of: ACM Transactions of Information Systems (ACM), Foundation and Trends in Information Retrieval (NOW), The Visual Computer (Springer Verlag), and Multimedia Tools and Applications (Kluwer). He is the Chair of steering committee of ICMR (International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval) and Multimedia Modeling conference series; and as member of International Review Panel of a large-scale research project in Europe. He is the co-Founder of two technology startup companies and an independent Director of a publicly listed company in Singapore.